• To book a tour is completely necessary that you send to us your name, last name, number of Passport, address and name of your hotel to pick you up, language of your tour, phone number (WhatsApp). You could write or call us straight to our social medias.
  • To cancel your experience or change it, let us know72 hours before, with a 20 % of penalty for administrative charge. I you don’t do it there’s is not refund back.

  • We will wait for you 15 minuts at the meeting point. If you don’t be at the time of the tour, It’s going to be cancelled without refund back.

  • If you pay online, always write us a message to confirm 100% your booking.

  • Our company is not responsible for any payments that are not notificated.

  • If you came with children, let us know and ask for the preferential prices.

  • If is your anniversary, birthday, honey moon, or you are celebrating something special, don’t hesitate to let us know, wonderfull surprises are waiting for you. (Tell us with time).

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